Whoever you are, definitely want to achieve an established career that you can get at this job center ni. Strategic position and position, salary and good facilities and a number of other compensation is the dream of every employee. But what if your career stuck? While you feel you’ve worked the most, discipline and always obey the boss command. Surely in your heart to wonder yourself. What is wrong? Socialization among employees is believed will help your career development. The more people know you and you know them, the more likely you are to succeed in your career. As more people recognize you, more and more people know your abilities. And this opens up opportunities and opportunities for you to get recommendations and promotions.

You can not dodge to get in touch with the boss. Because after all, the boss or boss has authority over your career continuation. If your relationship with the boss is less harmonious, it could be your career will be hampered. Is not to get your promotion to pass your boss’s recommendation? So, create the most harmonious relationship with the boss. Not only by always obeying the command only but also by creating a good communication. You do not need to highlight the existence of yourself in various fields to get more attention from the boss. Instead, just focus your skills in one area that you should already master. In this way, it’s easy for your boss to judge your outstanding work performance.