Are you or your partner experiencing erectile dysfunction? You do not have to worry because by visiting, you can find a treatment that can help you recover from the disease. What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? Here are some of them:

– Drug Factor
Although it can help the condition of the disease, drugs often cause other effects, such as erectile disorders. Some types of drugs that may trigger this include antidepressant, antipsychotics, high blood pressure lowering, prostate cancer, antiulcer action, cholesterol-lowering, or the use of drugs such as cocaine or marijuana.

– As a result of injury
When the penis, nerves, or blood vessels in the back are injured, it needs to be wary because it can cause erectile disorders. Injuries around the penis can also trigger the formation of scar tissue and the position of the penis is curved abnormally during erection. In addition, certain habits that can hit the area around the anus, such as riding a bike for a long time, allegedly can trigger erectile disorders as well.

– Effects of surgery
Some types of surgery can trigger erectile disorders. One of them is surgery on the brain because the brain is an organ with a large collection of nerves. Other examples are surgery done in the pelvis or in the spine because surgical procedures in both areas have the potential to damage the nerves and blood vessels around the penis.

Other medical procedures that have the possibility of triggering an erection disorder are surgery or other medical procedures on the prostate gland, radiation therapy for colon or bladder cancer, and colon removal surgery.

The prolonged erectile disorder can affect damage to the relationship with a partner, also complicate the process of descent. To overcome this will require treatment in accordance with the underlying cause. So, you need to cure it immediately.