When standing in front of the mirror, do you feel that your body looks different? Does it mean that weight gain becomes the serious matter to you? Having increased weight can also mean that you have bigger chance to suffer from various health issues linked to overweight and obesity pictures of a fupa. If you want to know whether or not your body weight is ideal, try bmi calculator for adults.

Simply talk, BMI is your weight in kilogram over your height squared in centimetres. For your information, your BMI must be about 19 to 15 for healthy BMI. Yes, the range will be different between men and women. Fortunately, nowadays you can benefit from online BMI calculator, so you know your BMI after you type your weight and your height. It is important not to increase your weight significantly after age 18. The limit weight gain must be not more than 11 pounds. Please do a little research as you can do it online for sure that you need to deal with weight loss effort.