For those of you who have not also been familiar with QuickBooks, if you want to try this software to help you with your accounting tasks, you can follow the guide below. If you have problems, you can contact the QuickBooks Technical Support.

First, you can start by creating a new company file. On the Welcome window, you have to select Create New Company. After that, it will appear easy step interview Get Started. Until here, there are three options that can be selected, namely:
– The Start Interview option will guide you to create the necessary step-by-step file but takes about 30 minutes.
– Convert Data, this option will convert data from some other accounting software such as Quicken, Peachtree, Small Bussines Accounting and Office Accounting.
– Skip Interview, this option will speed up the creation of necessary files.

From the three options, you can choose the third option only because this option is the fastest. After selecting the third option, the Company Information window will appear. Here, you need to fill in the necessary corporate data such as company name company email address and company website. Then, you can click Next. The next window is to determine the type of ownership of the company you want. For a while, you can select other / none only. Then click Next. This window, then, is to determine the beginning of the month of our fiscal year which usually begins in January. After that, you can click Next again.

In this window, there will be an option to determine the type of industry that is approximately appropriate to the type of business that you run. There are about 30 types of businesses that you can choose. Each option will automatically create an appropriate chart of account. Later, you can edit, reduce or add the chart of the account. Then, you can click Next and click Finish that it will show the directory where you will store our company files. After the saving process, it will immediately appear QuickBooks worksheet.