Carpet lice are a strong pest and can cause severe damage to carpets, clothing and other fabrics. Eradicating carpet lice requires patience and persistence, but it can be overcome without the need to call for pest exterminators. Know the general signs that indicate the problem of carpet fleas and understand how the shape of the carpet lice. Pelleted grime and peeling skin are the most common signs of carpet lice. You can also see carpet lice in adult or larval forms. Most adult carpet lice have an oval shape and are larger in size than a safety pin. Ticks can have a variety of colors, but generally, have black and gray or black with a brown color pattern. Some types of ticks also have a yellow or white color on their backs. To eradicate the fleas, leave it to the experts that are

A higher number of carpet lice, peeling skin, or grime is a good indication that the source of the tick is located in a particular location. Carpet lice are very interested in fabrics. They will be found on the carpet, especially if the carpet is in the bathroom or other dark locations, but they are also interested in clothing, furniture upholstery, and feather products. Non-cloth items that can attract carpet fleas are wardrobes, dog food, fresh flowers and paint brushes. Check for dark and uninterrupted locations, such as waterways, tiles, and attics.

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