In this era of information technology, the need for such information can not be separated again in everyday life. Many things can be accessed through the internet network to get an information. One of them is job vacancy information. Especially during the graduation season, of course, the need for job information is increasing. No wonder if a lot of sites providers of jobs that appear every day. But you should be aware because not a few parties who are not responsible for taking advantage of the current technological sophistication to perform fraud mode. What kind of mode? Emails used in fraudulent mode usually use free hosting / free domain aliases like @gmail, @yahoo, @asia, or @outlook. You need to be aware, because big companies let alone the class of international companies never use hosting/domain free related to the recruitment process. For that reason, if you put your resume on our website and fill out your data will be safe and you will be kept away from fictitious job openings. There are other features that show fictitious job openings.

Fraud also sometimes make use of SMS in its operation. Fraudsters will broadcast job information via SMS. You need to know that big companies never spread job information via ms. If you are accepting information on behalf of a particular company via SMS you should just ignore it. To convince the potential victim, the fraudsters also include the name of the person in charge or the officer in the announcement of the selection. Even fraudsters signatures made as closely as possible sometimes also fraudsters use scanners in that section. For those of you who are not careful of course will say this is the original vacancy, but this is a trap to convince you.