Are Adult Brain Supplements? There, find the answer by visiting our channel on The brain is one of the important organs and also the main and complicated. The brain weighs about 1.5 kg, and about a quarter the average of our weight. The need for oxygen to get one-fifth of the oxygen needs for the entire tissue and also for our organs. The brain has an important role in life. One of them is to smooth the process of communication between cells in the body. To get a smooth communication it takes the services of chemicals that can deliver the nerve, which is usually called the neurotransmitter. To date, around 60’s are neurotransmitters, and only a few things can be identified and also known to help affect emotions as well as behaviour. And this is where it is known, even food can affect concentration on neurotransmitters and who will chain to help influence emotions and behaviour.

Food is much more important than Adult Brain Supplements! must be balanced. To help deliver the nerves present in the brain can be obtained from amino acids present in foods that contain a large protein source. To help convert amino acids to excellent chemical substances, and need are vitamins and minerals. Intake of protein, vitamins and minerals that can help to support the work performance of the brain in order to quickly run and work efficiently.

The brain is composed of about 60 percent fat, and among them is the concentration that existed at the myelin layer and a network that served to accelerate the speed at the delivery of messages or the like shape of the signal. To build structures in the brain and also perform brain function required by fat. And among so many of these types of fats, the brain needs foods that contain healthy fats, and especially those fats that contain monounsaturated fatty acids. Examples are the fats found in avocados, walnuts, almonds, fish and olive oil. Healthy fats are fats that come from fruits.